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Description DT50Mgamma Tube with rotorstator element

sampling during operation; sample preparation under sterile conditions; germ free conservation of samples tissue, blood, etc. Packing unit: 10 pieces.

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English: Andi Accessible Web Development Guide

The accessible name for this element will be "Submit Button" and the accessible description will be "Clicking on this button will send an email to Andy Cooper". This attribute is very similar to aria-labelledby which defines the essence of the element, while aria-describedby provides a description or more information that the user might need

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Element Description: A process, used to engender knowledge, attitudes and skills, that the resource is designed to support. Instructional Method will typically include ways of presenting instructional materials or conducting instructional activities, patterns of learner-to-learner and learner-to-instructor interactions, and mechanisms by which

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The RDTE Functional Area master data element combines the 6-character APE, 3-character project number, and 4-character MDEP. Starting in FY 2012, the RDTE Funded Program master data element may be used, at a command or laboratory’s discretion, to manage at the sub-project level.