Philips 276C8/00 user manual

Philips 276C8/00 27" Led WQHD Black

The Red Dot Design award winning monitor delivers sharp, outstanding QHD images on an ultrathin bezelless display.

› Brand: Philips

› Model: 276C8/00

› Price: EUR 338.90

› Rating: 1/5. 1 ratings

Philips 276C8/00 User Manuals

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English: User Manual Philips 276c8/00 Lcd Monitor With Usbc

Philips 276C8/00 Lcd Monitor With Usbc - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online. Documents: - Owner Manual ( English ) - 2.67 MB - pdf - User manual ( German )

English: Lcd Monitor With Usbc 276c8/00 Philips

The Red Dot Design Award-winning monitor delivers sharp QHD stand-out visuals in an ultra-slim bezel-free display. Trimmed with all ports and one-cable USB-C connectivity in a sleek geometric base for a clean set-up.

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- The Philips B line 34" curved UltraWide display gives wrap-around view of your work. All-in-one USB-C and ergonomic stand design make for optimal working conditions. Eye comfort features with TUV certified to reduce eye fatigue.

English: 32:10 Superwide Curved Lcd Display 439p9h/00 Philips

- Philips 43" curved 32:10 SuperWide display is like two full-size high-performance monitors in one. Productivity-enhancing features like USB-C and pop-up webcam with Windows Hello deliver the performance and convenience you expect.

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