Prima AZ/EQ6-G user manual

Prima Luce EQ6, Atlas EQG, AZEQ6, Atlas Pro AZ/EQ6G PLUS

EQ6, Atlas EQG, AZEQ6, Atlas Pro AZ/EQ6G PLUS adapter plate.

› Brand: Prima

› Model: AZ/EQ6-G

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English: Primaluce Lab 115m Plus Guide Rings First Light Optics

Premium quality 115mm PLUS guide rings from Primaluce Lab. The guide rings PLUS 115mm are part of our system PLUS (Prima Luce Universal System) which includes many guide rings, support rings, plates and dovetail clamps to offer you the maximum freedom to build your mechanical system of support, depending on the application that you want to achieve.

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Adapter ESATTO 2" for SkyWatcher/Orion ED80, ED100 and ED120. Adapter ESATTO 2" for GSO/Orion/TPO Ritchey-Chretien 6 and 8 inches. Adapter ESATTO 2" for SkyWatcher/Orion Newton 200 f4 and f5. Adapter from M56 to M57 with stop ring for ESATTO 2" and ARCO 2". Adapter ESATTO 2" for telescopes with large 3.3" SC thread.