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English: User Manual Stereo636 Data Sheet

Date 09-2014 L 1 6.3mm Stereo Male Nickel Plated 6.3mm Stereo Male Nickel Plated Cable Construction OD 6.0 Wiring Black PVC (OD 6.0) 6.3mm Stereo Male 6.3mm Stereo Male AL + 0.12Cu*80 Braid Cotton Yarn (OD 1.5 Solid Core PE) * 2C (AWG24 0.15CU * 12) * 2C Part # STEREO-63-1.5 All material is RoHS compliant 1.5ft ± 0.05 Part # STEREO-63-X STEREO-63-3 3ft ± 0.7 Title 6.3mm (1/4”) TRS Stereo