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Clocks 3-79 GAL20V8 24 5,7.5,10,15,25 166,100,62.5,41.6 55,90,115 - Universal 24-Pin PLD 3-97 GAL20V8Z1ZD 24 12,15 83.3,62.5 55 100 Zero-Power 24-Pin PLD 3-121 GAL20VP8 24 15,25 80,50 115 - 64mA High Output Drive 20V8 3-141 GAL20XV10 24 10,15,20 100, 83.3, 71.4 00 - 24-Pin XOR PLD 3-159 5,6,7.5, 10, 15,25 200,166,142.8,105, 83.3,38.5 55

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Acquired by Premier Farnell in 1995 BPMICROSYSTEMS Full line of device programmers - Universal Programmers, Concurrent Programming Systems and Fine-Pitch Automated Programming Systems. Flash data memory. SPI. 2.7V GAL GAL16V8D-25LP DIP20 64x32 AND ARRAY Fmax=250MHz, 25ns Tpd, Icc=90mA GAL20V8B-25LP DIP24 64x40 AND ARRAY Fmax=166MHz, 5ns

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For this we need to add the S100 bus data buffers and for the first time call upon the CPLD to step in and handle RAM I/O requests.First remove the onboard RAM chips U12 & U13. We will not need them any more. Remove Jumper P11.For the (later) onboard ROMs jumper K2 1-2. Leave K8 2-3 for now.Add U29 and U32.