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Zanussi ZHC6235X Full Specifications

Zanussi ZHC6235X ▤ Full Specifications: Width: 600, Depth: 450, Height: 1130, Weight: 14.55, Dimension in connection hose: 150mm, Colour.

› Brand: Zanussi

› Model: ZHC6235X

› Price: EUR 59.36

› Rating: 5/5. 223 ratings

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View online (132 pages) or download PDF (3 MB) Zanussi ZHC9235X, ZHC6235X User manual • ZHC9235X, ZHC6235X cooker hoods PDF manual download and more Zanussi online manuals

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User manual for the Zanussi ZHC6235X in Dutch. This PDF manual has 132 pages.

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Zanussi ZHC6235X Cooker Hood. Need a manual for your Zanussi ZHC6235X Cooker Hood? Below you can view and download the PDF manual for free. There are also frequently asked questions, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you to optimally use your product.

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Whether it’s a new laptop, headphones, oven, washing machine or any other electrical item, one of the important steps that you’ll take before buying the product is to check out the specs. brings you thousands of product specifications for items like ZANUSSI ZHC6235X Chimney Cooker Hood and lots of other Cooker Hoods.

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Zanussi ZHC6235X Kjøkkenvifte. Trenger du en manual til din Zanussi ZHC6235X Kjøkkenvifte? Nedenfor kan du se og laste ned PDF-manualen gratis. Det er også ofte stilte spørsmål, en produktbedømmelse og tilbakemeldinger fra brukere som hjelper deg til å bruke ditt produkt på en optimal måte.

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Zanussi ZHC6235X Hotă. Aveți nevoie de un manual pentru Zanussi ZHC6235X Hotă? Mai jos, puteți vizualiza și descărca gratuit manualul în format PDF. De asemenea, găsiți întrebări frecvente, o evaluare a produsului și feedback de la utilizatori pentru ca dvs. să puteți utiliza în mod optim produsul dvs.

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Zanussi ZHC6235X Odsavač par. Potřebujete manuál k Zanussi ZHC6235X Odsavač par? Manuál najdete níže a můžete si ho rovněž zdarma stáhnout ve formátu PDF. Rovněž máte k dispozici často kladené otázky, hodnocení výrobku a recenze uživatelů, které vám umožní používat výrobek optimálně.

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Download Download Zanussi cooker hood fitting instructions Read Online Read Online Zanussi cooker hood fitting instructions how to change zanussi cooker…